Saturday, May 31, 2008


He's pierced... and loving it!

funny pierced people

The Cowboy

A cowboy rides up to a saloon on his horse. He goes in, orders a drink, then leaves. His horse is gone. He goes back to the saloon and asks, "Where's my horse?"

No one replies. So he says, "I'll order one more drink, and then if my horse isn't outside, I'll have to do what I did in Texas and I don't like doing that."

So the locals hurry around, and when he leaves, his horse is outside.

As the stranger gets on his horse, the bartender asks, "What did you do in Texas?" to which the cowboy replies, "I had to walk home."

Sunday, May 25, 2008

No to Rain

She should not have come out in the first place...

funny umbrella

The Holy One

A man who thought he was John the Baptist was disturbing the neighborhood, so for public safety, he was brought to a mental institution.

He was put in a room with another patient, and immediately began his routine, "I am John The Baptist! Jesus Christ has sent me!"

The other guy looked at him and declared, "I did not!"